5 Top Reasons to Hire a Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

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5 Top Reasons to Hire a Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

Stats released by the Administrative Office of the US Courts reveals that in 2017, the number of business and non-business bankruptcy cases filed fell by 2.8 percent. Massachusetts had 120.70 per 100,000 bankruptcy filings the same period, according to Statista.

Filing for bankruptcy is an intimidating and a painstaking process. While you can handle it yourself, it’s possible for complex and stigma to overwhelm you to the extent of finding it impossible to reach out for help.

We discuss 5 good reasons to hire the best of Massachusetts bankruptcy attorneys to file for bankruptcy on your behalf;

Experienced Attorneys Understand the Law
Law is a complicated endeavor, and particularly the strict bankruptcy code. With an experienced lawyer on your side, then you’ll comply with the US Bankruptcy Code as well as the federal and local procedures that apply to you as the debtor in the bankruptcy proceedings.

Lawyers Will Expedite the Process
With a lawyer, you can be sure they understand their way around and will get your bankruptcy petition approved within a short duration. They’ll make sure the paperwork is ready, and accurately, thereby increasing the odds of acceptance.

As such, the proceedings start as soon as possible and progresses without hitches. Besides, you’re assured of getting relief without delay.

You’ll Avoid Costly Mistakes & Errors
Massachusetts bankruptcy attorneys are there to lend their knowledge and experience in handling such cases.

They have a good understanding of the US bankruptcy code and the procedures (local and federal) that apply when filling the paperwork, filing for bankruptcy and following up on the proceedings.

A slight error in Chapter 7 bankruptcy will land you in big trouble. Your lawyer will lend a hand when filling the information to ensure no missing or misleading information.

Help Protect Your Assets
Once you have filed for business bankruptcy in Massachusetts, you have to choose which sets of exemptions to use to protect your personal assets. Experienced bankruptcy lawyers will help choose a few exemptions to protect your mortgage or car loan from getting affected.

Protection from Rogue Creditors and Collection Agencies
There’s nothing as annoying as being pursued by creditors and debt collection agencies right, left and center. If you have a lawyer, they’ll call your creditors and negotiate. And if that doesn’t work, your lawyers can even get a court order restricting them from calling you in the course of the bankruptcy proceeds.

Without the necessary legal knowledge, you stand to make numerous costly errors right from the time of filling your paperwork. An experienced Massachusetts bankruptcy lawyer will relief you the burden of a complicated legal process, increase your chances of acceptance and eliminate the possibility of errors.

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