A Novice’s Guide to Using KENT Magic Car Air Purifier

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A Novice’s Guide to Using KENT Magic Car Air Purifier

These days, everybody is frustrated of pollution, which seems to be omnipresent. While nothing much can be done for outdoor air pollution on a personal level, people have started relying on air purifiers to combat indoor air pollution. For combatting the pollution in an enclosed space like a car while commuting in an outdoor environment, you can fall back on KENT Magic Car Air Purifier, which is the best car air purifier available so far.

Here’s why it is the best for you.

Compact Appliance

KENT Magic Car Air Purifier is 161x161x64 mm in size and all of 690 grams in weight. Being so compact, it takes very less space and can be placed conveniently in the front; however, the ideal place is between the front and the rear seats.

Convenient to Use

This compact appliance can be easily connected to 12V car charger socket to make it work. It has a two-stage running mode, which you can utilize depending on how aggressively it needs to work depending upon the pollution levels.

Works Quietly

Most of the car air purifiers available in the market make loud sounds, but KENT Magic Car Air Purifier works silently. Though the sound is audible, it’s not irritating or intrusive even at higher mode.

How Does KENT Magic Car Air Purifier Work?

KENT Magic Car Air Purifier makes use of a 3-stage filtration process to clean and purify the indoor air. These three stages are:

  • Pre-Filter: Working as the first line of defence, pre-filter takes care of the various visible particles floating in the air. This includes human or pet hair, large dust particles etc.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: A car cabin may have an unpleasant odour because of the presence of cigarette smoke, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) etc. These odours, along with some toxic gases and fine particles, are neutralized by this layer.
  • HEPA Filters: The last and most efficient layer is that of HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. This advanced dust collection technology is capable of removing all the PM 2.5 and Suspended Particulate Matter present. This filter consists of a fine mesh where the pollutants of 0.3 microns or higher get trapped in.

Thus, by using this three-stage purification process of KENT Magic Car Air Purifier, one can make the air in the car’s cabin clean and fresh to breathe.

KENT Magic Car Air Purifier keeps working relentlessly and cleans air impressively. You should see the readings that it displays when you sit in the car or when you roll down the car windows and after running it for a few minutes. There is a significant reduction in the readings, which shows how efficient this appliance is at reducing the pollution levels.

Getting such an efficient car air purifier is increasingly becoming the “need of the hour” – more so if you are residing in metros or large cities where the air quality is pathetic. Invest in it to make the air inside the car healthier to breathe.

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