Avoid These Mistakes While Using Your Refrigerator

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Avoid These Mistakes While Using Your Refrigerator

Refrigerator is quite easy and convenient household appliance to use regularly but there are some requisites, which need not be ignore. If ignored, the food item stored inside the refrigerator may get spoilt and contaminated. Therefore avoid the following mistakes while using this next expensive appliance running in your home [first is the air-conditioner].

Below are some common mistakes to avoid for keeping your Godrej refrigerator performing well:

  • Not providing enough ventilation

The temperature within the refrigerator may be pretty cool however the compressor unit releases hot air in the outside. If you touch the backside of the fridge then you will find it quite hot. Therefore it is necessary that the place where you have kept your refrigerator need to possess sufficient ventilation. Therefore you must ensure that there is sufficient space available around the refrigerator, so that air can circulate around freely. If there is not enough ventilation available then heat build-up can have devastating impact of the fridge lifespan.

  • Not closing the door completely

If you leave your refrigerator door open or due to wearing out of door seal the refrigerator door is not closing tightly then it can cause problem. The temperature inside will not get properly cool. To maintain the coolness the compressor will need to struggle, which will add pressure on the motor and other parts. Therefore replace the seal if you notice any crack or wear out and always make sure that the door is properly closed.

  • Do not overfill your refrigerator

The refrigerator needs sufficient space to circulate the air inside it. If you overfill it with different food items then the air will not circulate properly. As a result, uniform temperature will not be maintained inside the refrigerator.  Fridge may need to struggle for keeping food cool but may spoil faster. Fill the shelves but don’t over stack. You need to reach the further end of the trays comfortably. If not, then it is time to remove some stuff.

  • Don’t set the temperature in too low setting

There is a need to often set the internal temperature keeping in view the external climatic temperature. However do not set it to minimum temperature setting. This will unnecessarily strain the compressor unit and many other parts, even some of the foods may get frozen inside. Set it to certain lower temperature but not to minimum position.

  • Do not store hot food from oven

Many people are often tempted to put steamy hot food directly inside the fridge without letting it cool down. This will unbalance the temperature inside the fridge and your compressor will have to do extra work to maintain the temperature. Moreover, if there are any perishable items kept inside then the same may get contaminated increasing the chances of suffering from foodborne illness.

  • Not cleaning regularly

Maintaining hygiene is very much essential in refrigerator as food stuff is stored in it. So, maintain a proper schedule for fridge cleaning. Moreover, if you don’t have auto defrost feature then there will be need of manual defrosting every now to maintain its efficiency.


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