Benefits of Liposomes in delivery

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Benefits of Liposomes in delivery

Liposomes were first discovered in the mid-60s. They are spherical and are built up by multiple phospholipid bilayers. Since their invention, they have made their way into the market, and they fit very well in the clinical use. As a result, of their size and hydrophobic character, they are good systems for drug delivery.

They are used as carriers for various molecules
The formulations are used as carriers of multiple molecules that are found in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. They are also used in farming and food industries to grow their delivery systems that entrap compounds that are unstable compound. It can trap both the hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds.

It is the newest delivery technique
It is the latest delivery technique that is being used by the medical investigators to transmit drugs. This type of delivery targets the delivery of vital components in the body. While they are in the delivery process,  the vesicles are protected from degradation and oxidation. The elements remain protected until they are delivered to their targeted systems, organs, or glands where they are used.

The classification of the vesicle
It is important to note that the vesicle vary in size. They appear in small, medium, and large vesicles. Also, they have bilayer membranes. Usually, the vesicle size of the liposome has an acute parameter that is used in determining their half-life circulation. The size and the number of bilayers affect the amount of drug encapsulation in the vesicle. Regarding the size and bilayer, they can be classified into either of these categories.

They can either be classified as multilamellar vessels or unilamellar vessels. Unilamellar vessels are further classified into two, the large unilamellar vessels and the small unilamellar vesicles.  In the unilamellar category, the vesicle has only one phospholipid bilayer sphere. In the multilamellar liposomes, the vesicles have an onion structure.

Preparing the vesicle
Four primary stages are used to develop the vesicle. The first phase is drying down all lipids from the organic solvents. The second step is dispersing lipids in aqueous media. The third stage is purifying the resultant liposome, and the final step is analyzing the final products.

In pharmaceutical applications, the vesicle has been used in a broad range. Liposomal drugs exhibit can be used to reduce toxicities, and they also enhance efficacy compared with free compliments. The vesicles contain useful properties that are used in the whole process of delivering drugs, especially in the targeted administrations.  Basing our argument on the pharmaceutical applications and the available products, we can conclude that the vesicles have established a position in the modern delivery systems. 

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