Benefits of Office Privacy Walls  

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Benefits of Office Privacy Walls  

The office can be quite hectic. People talking, feet moving, papers shuffling—these can be distracting to any employee. To minimize the hustle and bustle, a company can choose to install office privacy walls.

These are walls which can give a sense of oasis to anyone behind them. For example, a desk need not be completely cubed off from the rest of the office. Instead, the desk may have an opaque wall on one or more sides, of varying height. Privacy walls have numerous benefits to include

  • Balancing privacy with office collaboration.
    •Encouraging flexibility being open, yet private.
    • Maximizing the usable floor area in the office.

The Balance of Privacy Versus Collaboration

A desk doesn’t have to be completely barricaded. This would be privacy at its highest. A desk also doesn’t have to be completely open. This would foster collaboration. But the desk would likely never have privacy. Instead, a privacy wall would find a balance between privacy and collaboration. It would do this by being mostly open but partly closed.

Encourage Flexibility in the Office

Some desks could be surrounded by opaque glass. Other desks could be surrounded by transparent glass. An office doesn’t have been designed in a cookie-cutter fashion. Flexibility with the office design can foster creativity. Different areas of the office can have different functionality.

Maximize the Floor Area

With flexibility comes the ability to maximize the usable floor area. Office privacy walls can help achieve this goal. Openness, closure, and everywhere in between are one of the highlights of using these privacy walls. Natural light is able to pass through much of the office by having a more open space where offices aren’t completely closed. This boosts morale and, in turn, boosts productivity.

Glass Types and Frame Finishes

The are multiple glass types available for privacy walls. These include clear, linen, frosted, opaque, milky, and combo, among others. Frame finishes are also customization. Some of them include white, silver, walnut, black, and charcoal. The numerous color combinations will be able to blend nicely with the current office atmosphere.

Contact Us

Space Plus is pleased to offer these office privacy walls. Our glass panels and aluminum framework are both created with the environment in mind. They are recyclable and green-approved. Our highest priority is earning customer loyalty. We do this by providing quality products and unparalleled customer service.

We have multiple showrooms available in multiple countries and cities. To schedule an appointment, you may contact us at 1-888-869-1850. You can also reach us online through our contact form. Once you reach out, we’ll be able to answer any questions about what privacy walls can do for your office.


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