Breathtaking View: 6 Most Stunning Roads to Travel by Car

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Breathtaking View: 6 Most Stunning Roads to Travel by Car

Sometimes the charm and excitement of the journey doesn’t arise from the admiring the sights at the end point, but during the journey itself. That’s why scenic roads are incredibly popular among travelers. A trip along them is already an exciting, and unforgettable adventure. The beauty of the roads lies in their picturesque surrounding. Many highways run in the highlands, while others overlook the sea. The beauty of such roads is closely associated with danger, and speed – with recklessness. However, the moments spent on the road won’t make you regret the chosen route – the main thing is to find for your trip is a good and reliable car from ADA car rental France. And start your unforgettable road trip along the Col de Turini road in France.

Col de Turini, France

(photo by OssOFoto)

When attempting to check the most beautiful roads of the planet, it’s impossible to skip the insidious Col de Turini road serpentine, situated in a mountainous region in southern France. This route was marked by many testers of high-speed sports cars and participants of the Monte Carlo Rally.

This is a kind of connecting link, connecting Nice and Monaco. Serpentine is literally carved into the rock. 30 kilometers of the route are covered by forests. The participants of the movement prefer to move one after the other – every turn is a risk of being in an accident, because on the one side there’s a wall, and on the other – a steep cliff.

Route 163, USA, Arizona

You can cross the desert in Arizona to see one of the most famous landmarks on the territory of the Navajo Indians on this route. The surrounding landscapes strike with colors and a huge open space – this is a huge deserted perimeter, covered with sand and rare plants, fanned by dry winds and burned by hot merciless sun.

Monument Valley is the concentration of bizarre rocky boulders. These natural sculptures are named according to the form. Formations arose over a long time, when the sea dried up, there were heights, and sand deposits were sharpened by winds. Everyone agrees that Route 163 is one of the most beautiful roads in the world.

The Great Ocean Road, Australia, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is located in Australia, in the state of Victoria, and was conceived as a monument to soldiers who didn’t return from the battlefields of the World War I. The route, framing the Pacific Ocean from the continent, bears a purely aesthetic value.

This is one of the most picturesque sights of Australia, emphasizing its open spaces and privacy. The length of 243 km covers many mysterious places, for example, a segment of the coast, in which more than 600 ships sank. During the trip along this road you can see the famous limestone cliffs that grow directly from the depths of the ocean 40 meters above the water surface.

The Atlantic Road, Norway

The Atlantic Road is an iconic landmark of Norway and one of the most scenic roads on the planet. The path, which is only 8 km long, runs between the islands, passing through tunnels, fjords and floors.

The bridge, attracting the attention of many tourists, is called Storseisundet Bridge. This is one of six bridges, but it’s the most popular one among tourists. There are different versions in the interpretation of the translation: “bridge to nowhere”, “bridge to heaven”, as well as “drunken bridge”.

The Atlantic road rises 23 meters above the water level and, if you look or move from the mainland, it visually breaks off at the peak. The striking look and original idea contributed to the fact that now the Route 64 of the most exciting travel destination in the world.

The Stelvio Pass, Italy

In the picturesque Alps, in the immediate vicinity of the border between Italy and Switzerland, there’s an incredibly beautiful road attracting a huge number of fans of high speeds.

The reason is the complexity of the route – 60 sharp turns on the way provide perfect opportunities to demonstrate the driver’s skills. Only 2.7 kilometers separates the pass from sea level, but, finding themselves on a narrow serpentine in the middle of rocky cliffs and snow-covered peaks, everyone recognizes the conditions of movement as dangerous.

The GotthardPass, Switzerland

(photo by claudehacker)

One of the most difficult and scenic trails in the Alps, is located within Switzerland. At the highest point, the distance to sea level is 2.1 km. The road is actively used by car drivers and cyclists, which are provided with a separate lane.

Also, there’s a railway tunnel with the length of 15 km. The total length of the pass doesn’t exceed 48 km. Winding directions, unexpected turns, steep descents and ascents, fascinating landscapes – this is what awaits travelers, whose path runs through the most beautiful roads in the world. It combines the natural perfection of nature and the triumph of human engineering.

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