Coffee Table Styling Guide

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Coffee Table Styling Guide

Coffee table is one of the most important furniture in your living room. A stylish coffee table can change the look and a cluttered table can ruin all the efforts of Interior designers Los Angeles.  You can give style to your coffee table, with very few simple changes. Here is our stylingguide for you. These few tips can help you to arrange your coffee table and give a new look to your living room.

  • The first important thing is the size of the table. Select the size, which is appropriate according to the size of your living room. A small table in a big room will not look good and vice versa. If you are confused about the size, you can take help from the Los Angeles Interior designers, who have experts to help you.
  • Next comes the placement of the table. Coffee table should be placed at such a location, where you can place your coffee cup, when you are sitting in your sofa. So, you can place it along the wall, if it’s a large room or it can be right in the center for the small rooms. But the important thing is to be within the reach of the person, who is sitting in the room.
  • You can place a vase on it with flowers, which can be fresh as well. But make sure that the vase is not very tall to obstruct the view of the people, who are sitting around the table.
  • Some designers prefer to place a tray on the table for different items. But in this case, the items should be related somehow. They should have one color scheme, or they should have the same texture. They should complement each other and should not give an odd look together.
  • Your coffee table should not look crowded. It should have room for a book, you are reading, for TV remote, coffee cup and some other small things. Decorative items should be placed but in a balanced way.
  • Try to find a unique decorative piece, which you can place on coffee table. Being expansive is not what is required. You can find a cheap decorative item from your last holiday trip, but it should be very unique.
  • When you set your table, see it from all the an If there is something which look good from some angle but look ugly from another angle, it’s better to remove it. People sit around the table, so it should look good from all the angles. It is called 360 approach and it’s followed by interior designer Beverly Hills.
  • You should style your coffee table according to the season. In spring, fresh flowers vase is an ideal choice. For winters, you can add a dry arrangement instead. Similarly, a dry fruits tray can also be added in winters.
  • If you add some entertainment, it will be fun for the visitors. You have place a board game or cards on your coffee table.

These are just the few styling tips. The important thing is to match your coffee table with your interior and make it a practical part of your room. Placing expansive pieces is not important, keeping it balanced is the key.

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