eLearning – Study Smart!

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eLearning – Study Smart!

eLearning can be defined as educating yourself with the help of electronic gadgets such as laptop, smartphones or tablets, etc with or without the internet. It provides education in a very appropriate way as it is a flexible and easy way of learning. There are many eLearning apps which offer online learning courses and one such app is BYJU’S. The educators who conduct classes have several years of experience in the education industry. Through eLearning, understanding of the complicated topics such as number system in mathematics, Atomic Structure in chemistry, cell division in biology or  Magnetic effect in physics, etc. is very simple and interesting.

Benefits of eLearning

Here are some benefits of online learning or web-based learning:

  • Initiate paperless way of learning leading to a positive impact on the environment
  • Cutting of trees or destroying forests for the sake of paper will be reduced
  • No travel expense
  • No travel to the school or university is required so this reduces sound and air pollution
  • Online courses are less expensive than traditional learning
  • Most importantly travel stress will be reduced
  • Learners can attend classes from anywhere and at any time hence making it very flexible
  • Students can take up classes at their own pace as every student has different grasping power and speed. Therefore with eLearning, the student can learn the concept until he/she is clear and have understood it completely.
  • Experiments are conducted with examples of real-life applications
  • The educators conducting classes online make the classes interesting by making use of creatives, colorful sketches, and 3D videos
  • The web-based classes or online sessions can be downloaded and can be attended offline as well. All you need is your charged tablet or smartphone.

For a better understanding of various other concepts such as Mole Concept, Inductive effect, Electronic Configuration, etc. students can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and learn in a more engaging and effective way.

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