Get your stories reviewed before publishing

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Get your stories reviewed before publishing

If you are in this writing industry, then you must have come across the phrase, “most of the writing is actually rewriting.” If yes, then it’s a true fact. Most of the writers think that writing is the only skill that they need to write their book, and they can do the editing process by themselves without any trouble. This is not necessarily true because writing and editing are two different things. One needs an editor in order to be on the right track. For sure, writers have the skill to keep the audience engaged, but to make sure that the tone is correct or your story is influencing the people in the right way, you need to have an editor.

An editor plays an important part of the process:

Many writers use to edit while they write, this slows down the overall process and breaks the flow of writing. Editing is the post writing process of the workflow. Every successful novel writer in this world has a novel editor so they can keep their creativity intact. Novel editing arranges your thoughts in a meaningful way and ensures that the story has the necessary ingredients to create an impact on the audience.

Importance of editing:

If you are the world’s best writer your novel or book has not passed through the editing phase, then chances are highly likely that people won’t read it. Editing, not only corrects your grammatical and spelling flaws but it also enhances your way of telling a story. Some authors are reluctant to the fact that editing is a necessary part of the writing process, but what’s the point of expressing your thoughts in a book or novel, if they are not well arranged and do not make any sense to the target cohort. So, if you are on your journey of writing an anecdote or novel or anything, it’s better to hire an editor, then to wonder later that why your book wasn’t a great success.

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