Got Sore Knots on your body? Get the Best Massage Therapies in Delhi by UrbanClap

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Got Sore Knots on your body? Get the Best Massage Therapies in Delhi by UrbanClap

In our day to day lives, it is very rear that we take out time for ourselves and get ourselves a massage therapy. You’ve got to give yourself a day off, and need a massage at least once a month. It helps relieving your body from all inefficient toxins, and boosts your energy for the next day coming up.

At times when you’re tired you don’t have the energy to go to the parlor for a massage, that’s the time when you wished you could call up somebody at your doorstep to give you a full body massage. This is where UrbanClap steps in; they provide one of the best services for a doorstep massage for both men and women. If you’re looking for a doorstep massage in Delhi, then I would like to share a review about a few of the best professionals associated by UrbanCLap to give you the best time of your life.

  • I would like to start with a professional, I had personally appointed for a doorstep body massage in Delhi. I had booked her via UrbanClap a day prior to when I wanted a full body massage. When my doorbell rang and I opened the door, and see this tiny little lady with a huge bed in her hand, smiling at me saying “Hi, Ma’am I’m Shobha, and I’m here from UrbanClap”. Shobha provides massage in Delhi for women. I invited her in, when she instantly opened up her equipments and gave me a robe to change in. The robe was perfectly sealed in a packet which showed that it had not been used by anybody; they always open up a new piece. Shobha knew exactly what she was doing and was so pro with her work; moreover she never made me feel awkward at all. Her approach towards me was very gentle and professional. By placing a few scented candles, a small box that played a subtle pleasant music apt for a massage session, and scented essential oils; she started the massage. Undoubtedly it was heavenly, the pressure she applied for the massage was amazing and she focused on all the points I mentioned where I felt sore. Shobha had the perfect combination of technique and pressure and I would not think twice before hiring her again. The rate was very reasonable and the service was totally worth the money value.

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  • After an amazing experience with Shobha, I decided to appoint a professional to give my husband a full- body massage on his birthday. I prayed hard that who so ever is appointed for the task, should be as good as Shobha, and once again; I am pleased to say that the service was amazing as ever. Abhijeet Kumar Rai was the professional hired for my husband via UrbanClap. Abhijeet provides massage in Delhi for men. All of the professionals hired come with a bed of their own, and so did he. While asking my husband to change in to a linen robe given by him, he opened his equipments. He started with his massage session that was prolonged till an hour, and he ensured that he kept asking my husband, whether the pressure applied by him is sufficient. He was so polite, professional and well versed with his techniques; I could not help but give him a 5- star rating at UrbanClap; and my husband; that was the best birthday gift he had ever received!

I recommend UrbanClap to all the men and women out there who want to take a break from their busy schedule and pamper themselves to relax. I assure you, you shall not be disappointed at all.


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