How Excellent Food Can Help Seal Your Next Big Business Deal

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How Excellent Food Can Help Seal Your Next Big Business Deal

A meeting with an important client or potential business partner can change the future of any company for the better. This is why it is very important to create the best impression for the clients and business partners to see and experience. The results of the meeting or grand corporate event can determine the outcome of a deal or negotiation.

Instead of putting your company and your employees at risk follow these strategies to ensure your client or business partner forms the best impression of your business:

1 – First Impressions Matter

Whether you are meeting a business partner or client in person or simply having your first meeting on the phone they will already assess your character in those first few minutes. It is highly important to make a good impression, one that is worth remembering during this first meeting. Be confident, but also welcoming in your demeanor and the tone of your voice.

You want this first impression to impress them so that they will trust you with any future business and partnerships they may have in mind.

2 – Wow Them With Catering

Hire highly respectable corporate catering services to prepare the menu for the meeting. Do some research on the people you are entertaining and try to serve food that they actually love. This little attention to detail will look very impressive to a new client. They will know that you are doing your work to get to know them and will appreciate the professional corporate catering services instead of just providing them with coffee and donuts from the office pantry.

Having food during a meeting makes the atmosphere feel more casual, friendly, and inviting. Plus, your clients will feel more at home when they are being served their favorite food and drinks as you talk about your future partnership with them.

3 – Be Patient

Although you are excited to seal the deal and get your clients to sign on the dotted line, they might not feel the same. Instead of being too pushy and trying to oversell your company and services right there and then, allow them to take their time to think about your offer. Important people don’t just make decisions on the spot, they need to think about every deal and partnership and you should be patient.

As long as you are confident with what your company can offer, the clients will be able to see this for themselves and will sign the contract eventually.

Always Remain Professional

It is great to see people show how passionate they are about a project or their company in general, but sometimes clients and business partners can see this as overwhelming. During a meeting make sure that you are always professional and treat everyone in the room with respect.

Stay confident and be very accommodating when it comes to answering their questions and listening to their stories. After all, a pleasing and professional personality goes a long way when it comes to impressing a client and sealing the deal.

A good choice of corporate catering service at a company event can lead to excellent results. We’ve seen this happen at Saint Germain Catering. Contact us today and let us help you impress your business prospects.

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