How Gambling Changed From The Start Till Now

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How Gambling Changed From The Start Till Now

The traces of gambling suggest it might be started from the Paleolithic period. The earliest six-sided dice was found in Mesopotamia which was made in about 3000 BC. Betting on fighting animals and gambling houses were common in China in the first millennium BC. In the 10th-century lotto games and dominoes were appeared in China and playing cards appeared in the 9th century.

The most popular U.S. card game Poker was dated back to 17th century, and in 1963, the first casino, the Ridotto was operated in Venice, Italy.

Gambling nowadays

Gambling/betting nowadays becomes more convenient than ever before. With the help of internet and websites, you can experience every type of gambling even without leaving your home. Some websites even give you betting offers to attract more bettors. You can bet online on any kind of sports, card games, roulette, or whatever you can think of.

Types of gambling

However, it’s impossible to count the types of gambling which exist in this world. Here are the two most common types of gambling/betting for you:

  • Point Spread: You will bet on which participant will cover the spread. Which means the bookmaker will make the participants equal favorites by deducting points of a favorite and giving points to the underdog. If you choose a favorite, you will bet on their win by a margin which is greater than the spread, and when you choose underdog, you bet on their win or lose by a margin which is less than the spread.
  • Free Bets: If you want to gamble without any stake being laid down, free bets is for you. Bookmakers, casinos and other gambling outlets use these free bets to attract new customers or reward for existing customers. This type of betting is profitable for both bookmakers and bettors.

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