How to Choose Your Shoes to Match Your Prom Dress?

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How to Choose Your Shoes to Match Your Prom Dress?

Now the time has to find your perfect prom dress for 2019. It is nice to take some time, relax and enjoy searching the best prom dresses and matching shoes.

Prom night is one of the memorable and exciting of any teenager. To go for prom night is all about glam and glitz and choosing a perfect prom shoe is also important as you choose a prom dress.

You can’t select a shoe like that; there are many things to consider when you look for a perfect pair. It can be the one matching your dress colour or want with certain heel height. Here we take a look at the things you should consider while deciding the type of shoes you can wear in style yet comfortable.


The first thing to decide on selecting which style of shoe you want to wear with your prom dress toe show or covered shoe or strappy sandals. Show toe shoes can look more youthful, but covered toes are very elegant. You can choose a one generally by looking at the dress. If you bought a sophisticated and mature prom dress in heavy materials, then covered toe shoes look extremely elegant. For princess dress, short dress or a slinky dress, toe show shoes are more suitable.

If you want a simple and sleek look yet some fancy setting with all those sparkles, you can go for ankle straps, block heels and laces. They are bang on trend for this year so you can mix it up with your short prom dress.

Heel height

One of the main things you must consider while selecting a heeled shoe is the height of the heel and length of your dress. If you have long prom dress, the heels should not make it far off the floor. Some manufacturers make extra-long prom dresses for that any height heels can work. But if your dress is not such long means you choose the height carefully. For a fairly tall girl, you should see the maximum heel height can have without making your dress look short for you.


When you select a colour of shoe for your prom does, do not feel bad to go bold. Some metallic and vibrant colours are popular right now, and it makes you stand out in the crowd.

It may be the one you prefer matching your outfit. If you wear a black colour prom dress, probably you can wear any colour shows you like too. You can match your accessories with the shoes. Like silver shoes can go great with silver jewellery and handbag.

And if you have a colour dress, you can instantly go with the same colour pair of shoes or a contrast colour. Like for long prom dress in blue colour, you can wear blue or white, red, silver. They also work well with it and give a stylish look.

As the prom season approaching, start shopping now. Find the one that is matching yet comfortable.

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