How to Use Work Examiner like a Pro: The Complete Guide

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How to Use Work Examiner like a Pro: The Complete Guide

According to a national study, 22% of employers report emails and web browsing of their employees, while 36% block websites to avoid distractions and increase productivity. The same information shows that things like Facebook or fantasy football cost thousands of millions of dollars each year. Therefore, it is not surprising that employers try to fight them. And since the development of technology, even small businesses today can allow the use of some effective methods to monitor the time and activity of employees using computer monitoring solution. Let us find out which tracking systems you can use and how to use this software in a modern work environment.

Regardless of the architecture of a tracking application, it usually has features that allow the program to fit into one of the following groups:

Employee Monitoring Software

The most common tracking software is the application installed on computers, which can capture keystrokes, collect screens, and monitor Internet traffic. Typically, they can also track all applications launched on the computer and the actions of users on the websites visited, as well as the emails and chats of instant messaging users. Also, there is a tracking software like Work Examiner with additional features. For example, you can take snapshots with your webcam computer or record sounds in the room where your computer or devices, such as printers or USB flash drives, are located.

Time Monitoring Software

The monitoring time software works much like the previous programs, but the minimum data files only sites and applications that run on the computer. With a time recording application, you can record information about when employees begin and finish their work, view active and inactive time in applications and web sites, and use this to help employers identify which websites and applications are distracting employees and subject them to internet usage tracking.

Data Leak Prevention

Another pair of shoes is the DLP software (Data Leak Prevention). In particular, it aims to prevent the disclosure of confidential information, including losses caused by the malicious intent of employees. Generally, DLP systems capture and analyze the data flow circulating within the protected system’s environment, which is typically represented by the company’s servers. When certain confidential information detects within the flow, the active component of the tracking system is activated,and the information is locked. Using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, DLP systems control not just the message headers but the entire content.

More options

Notable Project Management Software: Some applications of this type provide features that help employees track their work. In general, they work as commercial messengers, but they also allow you to monitor the progress of employees in the activities and to provide information about how much time they spend on the activities.

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