Should Students be Allowed to Use Mobile Phones in Schools?

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Should Students be Allowed to Use Mobile Phones in Schools?

“Should cell phones be allowed in schools?” is a hot topic of discussion among educators as well as the parents. Few people are of the opinion that mobile phones are bad for students as it creates distractions and also can result in cyber-bullying. However, there are also people who feel that the students should be encouraged to judiciously use the devices and considering the digital age that we live in, some teachers are even incorporating cell phones into their curriculum to make lessons more engaging and interactive. While there are two sides (for and against) debating about this topic, no conclusive decision has been announced.

Many institutions still ban the devices from class while some allow students to bring their cell phones to school but with some restrictions in place.

Having said that, in this article,  as students and teachers have found ways of using cell phones in school for academic purposes, we will examine some of the positive use case scenarios of mobile devices. Besides, you can through them and maybe, in the end, you can form a good basis as to whether cell phones should be allowed in schools or not.

Perfect Tools For Learning

For students who face difficulties in forming new ideas or engaging with certain topics, mobile phones can act as an integral tool in enhancing learning among such learners. Mobile phones can help students access a vast world of facts, ideas and study solutions. Students can easily access the internet, make use of specially designed apps or learning tools and improve their knowledge about certain topics. For instance, students can open their installed apps to either view or download solutions like NCERT Solutions For Class 11 which will seemingly help students study better.

Useful During Emergencies

This is primarily one of the main reasons that many believe is the sole purpose for allowing cell phones in schools. In case of any emergency or instances where students have to come home late due to some extra hour activity, they can easily inform their parents. Reportedly, students have stated that having cell phones provides a total sense of safety and security to them.

Schools Can Avoid Financial Shortcomings

Technological tools are quite expensive and if you have to provide it to a large number then purchasing equipments can take a huge toll on the school’s budget. Allowing students to bring their own device will help schools maintain their tight budget and significantly reduce the extra expense.

Teachers Can Benefit Too

Teachers can conduct classroom quizzes, discussions and share other information or active learning ideas via mobile devices. Students can further instantly access a hots of study resources like videos, podcasts, animations, reference links, news and more. Teachers can also guide the students to use their cell phones and access any information using the internet while conducting research or other assignments.

The Bad Side

Well, we have to state that mobile phones can easily turn from an effective learning tool to being a device for distraction. Students can lose their focus in the class and usage without proper monitoring could lead to critical behavioural issues like theft, taking inappropriate photographs and videos, cheating and even cyberbullying.

In any case, as smartphones become more popular and with new innovation in the tech space, it will be exciting to see how the education sector will advance in the coming days. To know more about exam solutions and access free study materials you can check out My NCERT Solutions. Students can go through well-designed solutions and have a unique learning experience.


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