Top Tips to Stop Your Vape Tank from Leaking

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Top Tips to Stop Your Vape Tank from Leaking

There is nothing more embarrassing to a vaper than a leaking device. Whether you are an experienced vaper or a beginner, this situation is the last thing anyone wants to go through. Apart from the shame when you are vaping with your peers, you could also mess up your clothes, computer, or phone if the e-juice drips on them. Unfortunately, the vape tank leak can happen at any time for one of many reasons. What matters is what you do to the device immediately you detect a leak.

This article will help you learn some tips that you can apply to stop a leak from the vape tank. Read on to learn more.

Keep the Tank Upright

First, keeping the tank upright will make it possible for you to enjoy the rest of the e-juice without any mess. Then you can assess the problem when the tank is empty. For this action, you will need to sit in a comfortable seat and lean forward to continue vaping. It may look like a lot of work, but it is the only option that you have.

Replace Cracked and Damaged Tanks

Another area to check once you detect a leak is whether or not the tank is cracked. Small damage on the tip of the tank, whether it is glass or metal, can cause a massive leak when the pressure rises during use. It is crucial to examine the extent of the damage and know what action to take. Cracked glass vape tanks need to be replaced immediately. Metallic tanks can be repaired at a popular e-cig shop if they have this option.

Checking the Seal and O-Rings

Vape tanks usually have a rubber seal at the point where it is connected to the body of the device. Often, this could be the source of the leak if it is not put back properly. Other times, it could be worn out or damaged. In this case, you will need to replace it.

E-cig shops like ePuffer usually have seals, O-rings, and other accessories for popular devices. The other option is to contact your seller and check if they have these accessories. Once it is replaced or put on properly, the leak will stop.

Fill the Tank Correctly

One excellent way to prevent leak in a vape tank is to fill it correctly. Follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer because there is a reason for this. In most cases, it is discouraged to fill it to the brim since this will cause leaks when the e-juice expands after heating. Surprisingly, this leak will go on until the tank is empty.

Adjust the Power Setting

Sometimes, stopping a vape device leak could be as simple as adjusting the power options. Flooding is a common cause of leaks. This is when e-juice is absorbed into the coil housing but is not burnt equally fast. Thus, you may need to increase the power of the coils. However, this will increase the vapor that is produced and you should be ready for it. But the good thing is that leaking will stop.


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