What Is the Expert Opinion on E-cigarettes?

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What Is the Expert Opinion on E-cigarettes?

Frankly speaking, the expert opinion on e-cigarettes is somewhat divided. It is basically due to the reason that not much study has been done on the subject over a period of time that can justify or falsify the claims that manufacturers make. However, it is clear that they are a slightly safer alternative to conventional cigarettes as the toxicity and presence of harmful chemicals is much lower.

However, it does contain nicotine in most variants, and that is what raises many eyebrows. Add to it the fact that aerosol is created in the device and the e-liquid gets heated for vaping at a considerably high temperature. Some experts opine that it produces some chemicals that may be detrimental for human health. We take a look at some of the health-bodies and their stance to understand e-cigarrette club better.

  • What is the stand of FDA – As of date, the FDA neither lists e-cigarettes as harmful nor does it implicitly say that it is useful! It has only included e-cigarettes through its regulatory power, and it is clubbed under the broad heading of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS). In 2016, the FDA regulated the manufacture, packaging, advertising, sale, import, labeling, distribution, and promotion of the product inclusive of components and parts but leaving out its accessories. Therefore, not much insight can be received from it. The legislation for the product is also under debate in many countries.
  • The scene is quite baffling at present – There is not a very clear picture emerging till now for the health concerns arising out of e-cigarettes although some recent studies do point to some sort of health risks on using them. But one cannot rely on them absolutely because most studies have not been conducted for a long run and with sufficient sample size to arrive at a logical conclusion.

At the moment, we can only keep our fingers crossed and wait for some credible studies to crop up sometime. As of their use, yes, definitely they are increasing, and numbers are shooting up by the rooftop!

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