What to Expect When Your Loved One Enters a Rehabilitation Treatment Center

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What to Expect When Your Loved One Enters a Rehabilitation Treatment Center

Getting a loved one help when they’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs isn’t an easy decision. While some people are ready to face their addiction head-on, this is often not the case. Your friend or family member may be resentful or angry towards you, or they may be withdrawn and sullen. Regardless, you need to be prepared for what may happen when your loved one is in rehab and learn how you can best support them through their recovery.

Your Loved One May Not Be Able to Call or Reach Out to You

In the beginning of treatment, your friend or family member will be going through the stages of withdrawal and dealing with detoxing from alcohol, drugs, or both. They will be supported 24/7 during this process by nurses and clinicians, however, they may not be able to reach out to you. Give them some space during this time and allow them to deal with this very difficult process.

You May Feel Intense Emotions As Your Loved One Goes Through Rehab

It’s not uncommon to experience a myriad of emotions as your friend or family member goes through rehabilitation. You may experience relief that they’re seeking treatment, to fear of how they’ll do, to guilt that you somehow forced them to make this choice, to excitement at the prospect of them getting back to their old selves. You may want to consider obtaining support for yourself during this time, either through a group or from a certified counselor.

You May Be Asked to Attend a Family Day

Many rehabilitation centers have a family day, often during the first month of rehabilitation but after the withdrawal process has completed. If possible, you should attend this day to show your support for your loved one and to learn more about their addiction and their progress. Family day is often emotional for everyone involved, but it’s an important step in recovery.

Is Your Loved One Addicted? Learn About Rehabilitation Treatment Centers in Florida

Addiction involves many more people than just the addict. If your loved one is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it may be time for professional help. Contact Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers today to learn more about how you can help your loved one overcome addiction and live a full, healthy, and happy life again.

We have rehabilitation treatment centers in Florida and Pennsylvania, and can provide your loved one with comprehensive care during the recovery process. Our admissions team is available 24/7 and can provide ground transportation to and from our facility. Call us now at 1-800-557-0566 for more information.

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