Why you need a Staffing Software

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Why you need a Staffing Software

When you wish to make recruitments, or find and manage applicants on behalf of corporate clients, you may need to use a staffing software. This software facilitates easy interactions with corporate clients and candidates throughout the job recruitment lifecycle, which starts from job orders all the way to the payroll. Staffing products have many features which can also be found in sale-related products such as candidate relationship management tools and pipeline management capabilities. Other traditional HR-related features such as sourcing tools and application tracking can also be found in this staffing tools. Also, the software will include self-service portals which enable applicants and other corporate clients to share and access information such as cover letters, resumes, and new job opportunities. 

The recruiters who are employed by staffing agencies can utilize these applications find, evaluate, and interact with candidates while on the other hand, the managers who supervise the recruiters can monitor and track their team’s performance. Notably, this software should not be confused with the recruiting solutions which are mainly used by the internal recruiting teams. You can use this software alongside other HR-related solutions to manage employee payroll, source and interview candidates, and to manage employee time.

To be included in the staffing software category, the product must meet the following qualifications:

  • Provide features to manage and post client job openings
  • Allow the candidates to create online profiles through which they can submit cover letters, resumes and other documents.
  • Enable the recruiters to match the job opportunities with candidate’s profiles.
  • Manage different types of work contracts which can be internships, limited time, or part-time.
  • Deliver analytics and reports regarding the efficiency of the recruiting process, candidate performance, and employee productivity.
  • Allow for export and import of data to facilitate the HR processes.

Benefits of using the software
If you work in a staffing agency, you may need to manage candidates, positions, and clients in a single and relational database. In so doing, you will have gained powerful control over the recruitment process. A good software will give you convenient access to the staffing database from and internet browser. It also has VOIP features and an integrated email which allows you to work with the full ability of the main office even when in the field. 

With the software, you can easily determine which contractors are off and on duty at any time, and you can also track the placement of a contractor to any position. Also, you can quickly create a list of candidates who will be relieved off their assignments within the coming days. Finally, you can take advantage of the powerful features of the staffing software to post jobs to the web, create working calling lists, and to receive candidate inquiries instantly.

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